project evala - influential evaluations

How does Evala

we consider influencers to be entities who talk about your brand or impact its coverage - not those who just have followers
and we can cover VIDEO!

unique influencer identification methodology

Others show you influencers depending on their communication channel strenght. We show you who actually matters based on content metrics

influcencer timeline visualization and animation

We show you the changes of influencers and their impact on your brand media coverage over time in an easily comprehensible manner

All types of content - including Video!

We are work with all types of sources - text or video. And process it automatically!

We use known links to reveal uknown relations

We apply sophistacated named entity recognition and linked-data technology to filter out known relations to reveal new influencers that matter


Everything that you need for your influencer marketing

Now with EVALA you have your influencers at your fingertips.

global coverage

our platform works with all types of sources (video included) and will gradually cover all languages

real influencers

we use scientifically proven measurements for influencer identification and ranking

insight-focused visualization

our platform aims to be appealing and intuitive focusing on insights that are easy to grasp and understand

Content Integration

We can collect content for you, or use content which you have already colleted.

Accessible dashboard

Get constant access to our platform with your laptop, mobile or tablet.

Regular Reporting & Ad Hoc alerting

You can easily build your own reports or set influencer-driven alerts

Care for a pilot test of our prototype?